At Tongabezi Trust School, we realise that learning encompases more than just academic lessons, and it is for this reason we run a variety of clubs and programmes for our pupils to explore their talents.

ICT Art Performing Arts Sports Music Extra-curricular Activities School Trips Adult Education Programme


We are lucky enough to have been donated a collection of desktop computers. Children from Grade 1 – 9 are able to use our computer lab on a weekly basis to expand their technology skills and conduct research. The Pre-school and Reception children use donated Kindle Fire for Kids tablets, where they have access to a variety of age-appropriate apps which help make learning fun. Internet access lets our children and staff access the rest of the world in a way that they could never do otherwise, but internet is a massive expense in Zambia as it is still considered a luxury. The current price for our internet is $550 per month, or $6,600 per year.

If you feel you might like to help us with this high cost, we'd be very happy to hear from you via email at ivney@tujatane.com. We do have internet at the moment, after all. Might as well use it!)


Art is a favourite subject for many of the children here at Tujatane, as well as a powerful way for struggling children to express themselves. Whether it’s getting messy with paint or making bracelets, the children love art and using the art room. We have many resources that the children can use, however we are always in need of more supplies and updated ideas for the children to try.

Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts group are currently Zambia’s National Champions for Traditional Dancing. Performing Arts comprises of Traditional Dance, Choral, Poetry and Drama. All the teams practise religiously to be able to qualify for District, Provincial or National Level. We always encourage the children to do their best and we love seeing them get through the different stages. However, this is often expensive as we have to cover transport, food and accommodation costs for the children who travel to participate.


We have a dedicated sports department with a Multi-Sports Coach, a Sports-Coordinator and two sports volunteers. Our children have been successful in many tournaments, particularly football and netball. We have a sports ground just outside of the school which is a fantastic provision, but needs constant upgrading and maintenance.


Our incredible music teacher, Mike, works hard training all of the children in the school, from Reception to Grade 9. They sing a variety of local and English songs and also learn the basics of instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, drums and marimba. We have a Junior Music Band, made up of all the aspiring artists from the younger years, and a Senior Music Band with the older children who are more advanced. We also run a music scholar programme for our school leavers who wish to pursue music as a career, this gives them a head start to be the next chart topper!

Extra-curricular Activities

Here at Tujatane we recognise that in order for a child to succeed, they must be encouraged to explore their interests outside of a government syllabus. We have a range of clubs which the children join in order to express themselves in a different way. These clubs include:

  • Chess Club
  • Conservation Club
  • Art Club
  • Girls’ Empowerment Club
  • Reading Club
  • Beading Club
  • Card-Making Club
  • Scrabble Club

School Trips

We would love to run more school trips for the children to broaden their knowledge of the area and help with the understanding of their subjects. Even though we are only 17km away from Victoria Falls, most of our children have never visited the most iconic Natural Wonder in Southern Africa. Running trips to the Falls, Livingstone Museum and Livingstone Airport are all valuable for our children, as well as being a fun day out. To send a class on a school trip to the Falls costs approximately £250/$350. This covers transport, entry fees and lunch for the pupils.

Adult Education Programme

Learning here at Tujatane is not just for the children! We have been running an Adult Education Programme here for four years and in 2016 the first group sat their Grade 9 exams. We had a 90% pass rate! A large proportion of the parents and guardians of the children at Tujatane never had the opportunity to complete school and for some, haven’t attended school at all. The Adult Education Programme gives parents the opportunity to forward their own education. This not only benefits their learning, but also enables them to help their children with their homework and have better employment opportunities to help support their families. It is very important to motivate and empower the parents so they are able to understand the importance of education and encourage their own children to succeed. To sponsor our Adult Education Programme, for resources, dedicated teachers and exam costs, it amounts to roughly £4,200/$5,500 per year.