Our Impact

We provide a free, quality, holistic education to underprivileged and vulnerable Zambian children in the rural area of Simonga. We impart the skills and core values needed in order for our children to grow up into successful, kind adults who in turn improve the lives of those around them.

We support children from Pre-school through to Grade 9 at Tujatane, and then on to complete Secondary School elsewhere. We also currently support a number of pupils completing diplomas and degrees all over the Zambia.

Our Food Programme ensures that each of our children receives a nutritious breakfast and lunch every school day. This takes a lot of pressure off parents and guardians as well as making sure the children are fully fuelled for learning.

We follow the Zambian curriculum, but receive no financial support from the government and rely entirely on funding from international donors and well-wishers. Our Educate a Child programme, which helps with the running costs of the school, also gives sponsors all over the world links with specific children at Tujatane.

We don't focus solely on academic subjects; we have a variety of extra-curricular activities for our pupils, such as sport, art, chess, and girls’ and boys’ empowerment, to ensure that each child develops their own personal talents.

Our Programmes

Thanks to the support of the incredible International Tujatane Family, and the hard work of the talented Local Tujatane Family, our children are amongst the brightest in Zambia. Each year our exam results are top, we even won an award for having consistently high Grade 9 results and we are regular National Champions at Traditional Dancing.

We are involved in our student’s lives outside of school. We support families through especially difficult times by offering them support through our Guidance and Counselling team, we work with families to ensure that children are treated properly and looked after at home, and we have classes for adults so that parents can complete grades that they may not have had the opportunity to finish before.

Tujatane enables the local Zambian people to improve their own lives.