Sponsorship Programmes

Education is the most sustainable way to uplift entire communities and therefore key to breaking the poverty cycle. By giving local Zambian children the tools that they need to improve their own lives, Tujatane gives them access to opportunities that they would otherwise never have been exposed to. Most of the families struggle to meet basic needs such as food, soap, firewood and clothing.

Often parents cannot afford to send their children to school and have to keep them at home to help with the chores. We work with the local families to ensure that the children get a life-changing education without making things more difficult for the family, and you can help.

Educate a Child

To fund a child at Tujatane costs $1,320/£900 per year. This contributes to the running costs of the school and ensures that there are adequate resources, that the school is maintained, and that our highly skilled teaching staff are paid each month. Parents/Guardians do not pay any school fees, which lifts a huge burden off the poorest families and makes them far more likely to let their children go to school.


Feed a Child

For many of our students, the food they receive at school is the only food they will eat in a day. Just $10/£6 per month ensures that a child eats breakfast and lunch every school day for that month. The Feed a Child Programme not only ensures that Tujatane children receive a delicious meal, but also that they have the energy and nutrition to concentrate and work hard in school.


Sponsor a salary

One of Tujatane’s biggest running costs is our teacher’s salaries, but since these wise men and women are changing children’s lives every single day, we think this is exactly the way it should be. In order to take some of the strain off the rest of our funding, however, we created a Teacher Sponsorship programme. Sponsoring a teacher really is the most amazing way for donors to support Tujatane, and is also great motivation for our staff. Teacher sponsors receive updates and photos from their teacher at the end of every term, which means that they get to see the impact they are having on an entire class of Tujatane students. To sponsor a full time teacher it costs $10,500 per year.


Fund a Further-Education Dream

We do not forget about our students when they finish their time at Tujatane. In fact, we continue to support them until they graduate from Secondary School in Grade 12. After this, many of our pupils have dreams of further education such as college or university. Costs for diplomas and degrees are expensive, approximately $2-8,000 per year, and this is often too much for one sponsor to fund. We have set up the Further Education Fund to act as a central pot which contributes to the costs of all of our tertiary students, allowing them to continue to work towards their best possible life, and giving Zambia an increasing number of young, passionate, skilled people who want to make their country a better place for everyone.


Sponsor a programme

Children don’t all have the same talents, and they certainly don’t all have the same dreams. Click below to see just a few of the programmes that Tujatane has in place to enable students with skills outside of academia.