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If you would like to help Tujatane to continue providing an educational lifeline for rural Zambian children and enable them to escape the poverty into which they've been born, there are so many things that you could do!

From helping to supply uniforms and materials, to sponsoring a child, to funding a new classroom, to sponsoring a teacher, here are the key things that we really need this year. Anything that you may feel able to give really would make a difference, thank you.

If you would like to give towards any of these funding needs or would like further information about them, for example specific courses that you could fund, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Vanessa on email vanessa@tongabezi.com.

Under £150
      Art materials, books, stationary, clothing - Please see here
      Feed a Child - £6 per month, per child: £72 per child, per year
      Children's Medical Cover - est. cost £18 per doctor or hospital trip
      Benches around the kitchen area
      School Trips – est. cost £150 per trip
         E.g To Livingstone Museum, the Weather Station, Victoria Falls etc.
Under £1,000
     Sponsor a Child - £50 per month, per child: £600 per year, per child
     Production Unit - Upgrading garden and environment
     Sewing Equipment
     Secondary Education budget for leavers – est. cost £450 - £850 per pupil, per year, depending on where they go

Under £5,000
  Teacher Courses Sponsorship – est. cost £2,000 per year, per course
         E.g. Obby is studying for a degree in ICT teaching at £2,000 per year.
      Music Teacher - est. cost £3,500 per year
      Ministry of Education Workshops - est. cost £3,000 per year
         These are courses that the government have throughout the year to update teachers.
         There are currently a lot of them due to a number of changes in the curriculum.

Under £10,000
      Teacher Sponsorship - est. cost £6,000 - £8,000 per teacher per year
      College Education budget for leavers - est. cost £1,400 - £7,100 per pupil, per year, depending on where they go

Over £10,000
     Fundraising & Administration Manager - est. cost £12,000 per year
    Expanding and Equipping ICT - Costs being calculated
     Teacher Housing - Costs being calculated

Give as You Live

Don't forget that you can also support Tujatane through your online shopping - without spending an extra penny!

All you have to do is sign up to Give as you Live and select us as your chosen charity. We will then receive a percentage of your spending every time you make a purchase through Give as you Live from any of the thousands of well-known branded stores!

Furthermore, Give as You Live has now partnered with major brands to create Cards for Causes. Through purchasing a store card from a huge variety of shops such as M&S, Tesco, Starbucks and many more, you can donate up to 6% of your purchase to Tujatane! Visit https://cardsforcauses.giveasyoulive.com/charity/tujatane to sign up today!

Matched Giving

Another fantastic way to increase your support to Tujatane is through asking your employer to match your donation.

Many companies offer matched giving but their employees are unaware of it! A large number of corporations and well-known brands are members of matched-giving schemes so if you have a regular gift to us, are raising funds through a sponsored event, or just want to make a one-off donation, do ask your employer if they might match your donation - you could be surprised, and we would be extremely grateful!

Click here for a list of known UK companies who match employees' donations.

If you’d like more information about matched giving do feel free to get in touch with Jessica Mackaness on jessica.mackaness@outlook.com


The Tongabezi Trust School
P.O. Box 60113, Livingstone, Zambia