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Tujatane Tales

Our biggest and smartest new classroom block has been completed. Thanks to the Anthony Robbins Foundation, we now have two new classrooms, a library come video room and a great storeroom for all our supplies. It is a marvellous building and one we are all very proud of. Once again, many thanks to Mr Anthony Robbins for his amazing support. Having spent 6 years in Tujatane’s first classroom our Grade Six children made a big move to the great new Anthony Robbins building. They were over excited moving to a building with windows, doors and fans. When they have had enough heat, they just turn on the fans for some cool air. We also managed to buy some proper school desks and chairs, so the children felt very privileged and special.

Sharon (age 11) says” I like this class because there are fans, windows, doors and shelves. Now that class didn’t have doors, fans and no windows, the sun was just getting inside. Now in this class when the sun gets inside we always put on fans”.

We have a very generous friend from USA who donated her time arranging our new storeroom. Every item had to be categorised, counted computerised. Files were opened and items put onto ordered shelves. We are very proud of our storeroom. Everything is neat, easily accessible and is signed in and out to provide great stock checks. Elaine spent time teaching Theresa how to run and keep record of things. Big thank you to Elaine for her amazing support and incredible organisational skills. We are proud to say the room is great and has made an enormous difference to our school.

Thank You Charlie

Charlie Maxse came over from the UK to help Tujatane, by managing the building project. We would like to thank Charlie for all his hard work and for making the Anthony Robbins building so smart. It is such a grand building and all the children adore it. It is every teacher’s wish that they could teach in these rooms. This is how the children think the
building looks.

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It was our lucky day.  Phil and Elesa Bennett, guests of Tongabezi, offered to buy the school a photocopier.  They decided to buy it right away and asked our Headteacher, Violet, to take them to town to choose one. Having found out that there were none immediately available, they ordered one from an agent. It arrived a few weeks later and  was immediately installed with the help of Elaine, our store room designer. The teachers were then orientated on how to use it. Theresa took charge and did the photocopying for the teachers. They were pleased and relieved of all the hard work they had to do. We thank the Bennett’s for their gift, which benefits both the teachers and children.

Teachers’ Day
On 5th October, like all teachers world over, we organised a Teachers Day. We invited fellow teachers from a government school near us, parents and Tongabezi staff to help us remember our profession and our call to this duty. A few positive speeches were given and the children performed a play. The day ended with Vanessa playing the national anthem on a recorder.

Many of us will remember Kalunde from their  visit at the school. She was the smiley girl with dark eye lashes which everyone noticed.  Some will remember Kalunde as the small girl among big girls, some will picture her as the under nourished girl we wrote about in our news letter looking for sponsors. We remember her as the intelligent girl who registered at Tongabezi Trust School in 1996.  She worked very hard and was top of her  class until tragedy struck in 1999. She lost first her father, and then her mother. Since then she struggled through life until she passed away in December 2002. We would like to thank all those who felt her pain and wanted to make the rest of her life a sweet one by wanting to help in any way they could. Her elder brother and younger brother are at our school. Kalunde’s input at Tujatane is greatly missed. We sincerely thank the Coopers for all the help they rendered. They supported the whole of Kalunde’s family and their support continues.

I remember a big smile
Curly lashed eyes
A beautiful face
Are those your parents?
They are gone
What have they left you?
A dark shadow creeps
It hides your real being
Taking your brightness
Squeezing squeezing
Until all that is left
Is a bag of bones
But I remember your smile

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The third term was busy as we were registering pupils for a new grade one beginning in 2003. We had more than 40 pupils registering for 20 places. The pupils do not only come from Tongabezi village. We also have a good number from the local community. Selection was done by their performance in the aptitude test they were given and a final list was compiled with 12 girls and 8 boys.





No of children

Classroom One
Classroom Two            
Classroom Three          
Classroom Three (afternoon) 

Grade: 6 (age 10-12)
Grade: 4 (age 8-10)
Grade: 2 (age 6-8)

Mr Prester Gwenani
iss Violet Lichaha
Mr Lee Mudenda    
Lee and Violet


School Afternoon Activities

Drama, Art, Sport, Remedial, Chess

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