The school is turning 21 this year - we are all grown-up!

When we were born in 1996, Tujatane was tiny - we were made up of only one preschool classroom of 15 children. We grew very quickly however, and today Tujatane is a complete and successful school. Ranging from preschool to grade 9, we are made up of 275 current students, and are also supporting 65 at secondary school, and 12 at universities and colleges. Our pupils have gone on to become everything from accountants to engineers, pilots to teachers, lawyers to clinical officers. And this is all thanks to you. It's something to be proud of, don't you think?

To celebrate, we have set up a campaign for the year, and we need your help! We are excited to make this year super special and to be able to celebrate with all of you. Take a look at the fun activities below and see what you would like join in with.

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Logo-a-go-go! Our children are designing a new and exciting 21st logo...

The children have been busy drawing, painting, cutting and sticking. Their goal: to design our birthday logo for 2017. We will be judging these next week, so watch this space to see who won and the beautiful new logo.

March - May
Who can collect the most loose change?
Pop all your 20p/1ps and 20c/1c pieces in a pot and see how much you can raise.

Ever have annoying loose change in your purse or lying around your kitchen counters? We would love for you to collect up your spare change, specifically 20p and 1p pieces, 20c and 1c pieces and any other 21-related change from across the globe. We will be running this campaign for 3 months, but for the extremely dedicated, we will be asking how much you raised at the end of the year! Once you have collected your change, send us an email and we can forward you details on how to donate it to the school.

Let's fundraise to feed 21 more children this month - can you help??

April is the end of the rainy season here in Zambia and the weather starts to get a bit chilly (it does, honestly!). This would be a fantastic opportunity for us to get 21 children sponsored for our feeding programme. For just £6/$10 per month you could feed a child at Tujatane a hearty breakfast of porridge and a yummy warming lunch of Nshima, beans/egg and vegetables. All of our children either walk or cycle to school, and most of them leave home without breakfast. The feeding programme ensures they have 2 good meals when they are at school to fill their tummies and aid their concentration.

If you would like to help us reach our target of getting at least 21 more children funded for the feeding programme in April, please let us know, you can also do this at any time of the year, so feel free to contact us now!

It's our official birthday month... time for an international tea party! Would you like to have a tea party on 21st May to celebrate with us and fundraise for us?

On Sunday May 21st we would love you to celebrate with us, wherever you are in the world! Our aim is to get as many people across the globe to hold a tea party in aid of Tujatane. So get making your favourite cakes and invite all your friends over for a great excuse to socialise, drink tea and eat sweet treats! We are putting together really helpful tea party packs with invitations, posters and other information which we will send to you if you are thinking of hosting a party.

If you can't hold your tea party on the 21st, then any date in May that suits you, suits us! Please send us some photos from your event so we can show the children!

Schools around the world please celebrate and fundraise! - How about a no uniform day for the children to collect funds?
Remember £6/$10 will feed a child for a month.

Children, teachers and schools, we need you!

We have some great contacts with schools and we would love to mobilise any available schools to hold a non-school uniform day. Each child could pay £1/$1 to come into school wearing their normal clothes. This way, not only do they get to show off their new shoes, they also will be making a fantastic donation to our children here in Zambia.

If you are part of a school, we would love to hear from you and get you involved.

August - October
'Stand and sing of Zambia, proud and free...'
Our talented performers will be singing to fundraise around Zambia and we will be updating you on social media so that you can enjoy our songs too.

This period of time is extremely busy season here, with lots of guests and tourists, which means it's a perfect time for our children to showcase their amazing talent. We have a small choir who will be touring around Livingstone to perform at various functions and lodges. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to be able to sing to an audience and share our birthday wishes! Perhaps you would like to come and visit...

We are striving for sustainability - 'The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn'. So let's plant trees!

As the leaves are falling off the trees in the northern hemisphere and autumn is fast approaching, it is our hottest and driest season here in Zambia. It is also the perfect time to plant trees, plants, and seeds around the school, in anticipation of the rains in December. It would be fabulous if we could plant 21 fruit trees, crops or plants for our school to become more sustainable.

Should you wish to donate a tree, we will design a plaque with your name on to put next to the tree and keep you updated on its growth and progress from planting to fruition.

What is on your Christmas list? For our children, it's sponsorship for their education. Can we get 21 children sponsored with your help?

What is better than the gift of giving? Ah yes, the gift of giving a child an education! Our Christmas list this year is to get at least 21 children sponsored throughout Tujatane, our secondary school children, and those hoping to go to university.

Please contact us and we will send you the background of a cute child who needs you to be their sponsor. And you can do this any month of the year so feel free to contact us now to become a sponsor.

For more information on any of the above, or any queries, please contact Emma at emma@tujatane.com

Vanessa Parker
Director, The Tongabezi Trust School

Watch our special video about Tujatane here!

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