Term 3 2013
January 2014

Term 3 2013 and the end of another year! Beth goes travelling around Chile. Melanie (our new head teacher) arrives! And our Grade 7 children sit their National Exams once again!

Science practicals with Kate, Sydney and Hendrix
It has been a very exciting term for Science at Tujatane. We are pleased to announce that the first practical experiments have been conducted in our new Science Laboratory, following months of preparation and training. Pupils have been busy making carbon dioxide, investigating melting and boiling points and discovering sublimation.

All this has been possible thanks to your generous donations that have allowed us to build the laboratory facilities and acquire the new equipment. We have also been able to create two new roles to ensure the long term success of the science development. Sydney Himwiita, our deputy head, has taken on the additional role of Science Leader, and Hendrix Kamwi has joined us as Science Assistant.

Following months of training with our outgoing Development Coordinator, Kate Young, the newly created Science Department is confident that it will be able to offer safe and exciting practical lessons to our pupils for years to come.

Some pupil reactions to the practical work:
“We enjoyed it very much”, Benandert (Grade 8).
“It made me understand what we had been learning” Milimo (Grade 8). “The practical work made me not forget what we were learning. I can imagine what we did and the answer will come”, Vigorous, (Grade 8).
The Science Department is looking forward to next term when it will be running a Science Week in celebration of practical science.

Our New Head - Mel Webb
We are thrilled to report that the permit for Mel Webb was finally approved and we have a head teacher from South Africa who has over 20 years of experience in education. Exciting times for Tujatane. Update from Mel:

After a hectic 5 month stay at Tujatane I am beginning to see the wood from the trees. I seem to know what is happening on a daily basis, and I have had to become very patient as things happen at a much slower pace here in Zambia. The staffs at the school have been welcoming, and are really receptive to new ideas and my vision for the school over the next 2 years. We have had some fruitful brainstorming sessions and our decision making has become a lot more transparent and collaborative.

My vision and some of my plans for 2014 are to get the teachers to incorporate more skills based activities into their teaching, and I plan to run numerous skills workshops to help the teachers begin to accomplish this.

The pupils also have very little general knowledge of what is going on in the world around them. Hopefully more computers, and access to the Internet, coupled with creative research projects, will help broaden the pupils’ knowledge base.

Everisto Chabalanda heads to Rhodes University
Some of you will remember Everisto. A young boy, now a young man who was at Tujatane for primary level and excelled in all areas of school was offered a scholarship at Kingswood College, South Africa for his secondary education. This was thanks to The Graham and Rhona Beck Foundation and one of our sponsors at the school, Susan Sarandon.

He has excelled at Kingswood, being chosen to be deputy head of house in his final year and completed matric last year with flying colours - All A's and B's - nothing less!
Having come from a single parent family, with English as a second language, he proved that it doesn't matter where you come from if you have talent and determination (and sponsorship!) you can succeed wherever you go. Everisto's Matric results have secured him a place at Rhodes University to study BCom (A Bachelor of Commerce Degree). The chance to go to Rhodes is given to Everisto thanks to the generosity of Susan Sarandon who will be sponsoring his university education. He will begin in February 2014.

From Everisto's English report: "Everisto's humility, integrity and understated honesty are a part of the foundation to his success in English. He listens carefully, thinks deeply and responds appropriately. This understanding of context and register is not only an asset to his progress in this subject, but a life skill that cannot be taught. It is a privilege to have him in the class and a pleasure to teach him."
To watch a short documentary about Everisto and his family that was filmed back in 2007 when he was a pupil with us, please click the link below.

Our new media room
On the maintenance front we have managed to transform our old dirty storeroom, housing bags of cement and roof sheets, into a colourful reading space that we are calling 'The Media Room'.

We built a hatch in the wall to link our library to the media room so books can be handed between the rooms making it much more user friendly. We have a television set and a dvd player, new furniture, carpet and curtains. The children are very happy reading in this beautiful new room. The classes and teachers now have a great space for group reading, quiet study and in the afternoons, free time to read privately.

The library is still a work in progress. It has been physically reorganized, and it looks much more welcoming and spacious. It is amazing what a coat of paint, some new curtains, and a jolly good clean out can do. The actual transference of bibliographic data to our library computer has been quite a challenge, and is not yet fully functional but is a priority for next term!

Creative Writing Award
Congratulations must go to Eric Musipili in Grade 8 who was the first pupil to receive the ‘Creative Writing Award’ for his poem, “I Failed To”.


I remember the time
I promised to care for you
But I failed to
I remember the time
I lied to you
And failed you
I remember the time
I slapped you and asked you to leave
And you did!

Listening skills training 2013
Just before opening school for our last term we were all very excited to welcome back Gayle Anne, who has been working with the staff at school for the last 3 years with ongoing listening and counseling skills. In preparation for this years workshops Gayle Anne worked together with Beth, Iness and Susan as they prepared for a week of co-facilitated training!

"Since we were all introduced to listening skills training, it has been amazing to see the staff and myself grow as listeners. My hope this year was that the three of us could live up to the original training and make sure that the full team of staff had the same chance to gain from this valuable training. I feel really proud of what we all achieved together.” said Beth

"This year I was honoured to be given the chance to co-facilitate this training to the staff and I am grateful for such an empowering oportunity. I was nervous, fearing that I would lack the confidence and knowledge necessary but my 2 co-trainers were all there to support each other and we quickly grew in confidence." said Susan.

"It is a crucial step for Tujatane as we are now able to conduct many aspects of this training ourselves. As facilitators we are extending our teaching skills and relearning and practicing our listening skills too (vital!). We are better prepared for dealing with the numberous issues and problems we have as a school and finding solutions as a team." said Iness

Thank you so much Gayle Anne! This was a wonderful stage of the development of this training. For more info about Gayle Anne's work visit www.baobabcentre.com and www.baobabtrainingseeds.org and please contact us for more info if you are interested in helping fund this area of the school!

A message from Gayle Anne. "The staff at Tujatane have been extraordinary in their receptiveness, acceptance and utilisation of new skills and understandings. They have been courageous in challenging, adapting and then applying their learning at school, in their families and local communities. Their willingness to facilitate the training themselves in 2013 was a joy and a privilege to witness. I hope to get the chance to support staff in facilitating the remaining aspects of the base training in 2014. Then, Tujatane will be equipped to continue the programme themselves, for their own staff and maybe for staff in other schools! Spread the seeds!"
Reception Graduation to Primary Level - By Iness Chulu and Reception
This term I said farewell to 21 of my reception class pupils who are now ready for Grade 1 at primary level. We had our graduation ceremony at the end of November and all the children were involved in the preparations. We chose activities and snacks for the party and the children rehearsed their graduation procession dance and some of them had some words to say to the school and parents.
I was very pleased with the parents involvement. They made sure the children were dresses in their best with girls in beautiful dresses and boys in suits. All the children graduating to Grade 1 were awarded with a certificate.

During the years that I taught them, I have been pleased to observe the extent to which the children were able to fuse their individual experiences and imagination and work creatively during the activities in and outside the classroom. I wish them all every success as they move up to the 'big' school and will continue to monitor their progress from the Pre-School and Reception class.

Comments from the pupils:
"I danced and I love the dress my Mum got for me" Deborah "The food was delicious!" Emmanuel N "I was very happy to wear the robe" Chester "I got my own certificate which I really liked" Fred "Our certificates are displayed at home on the wall" Charity and Chrispen.

Kirsty volunteers for the term
I was privileged enough to be able to volunteer at Tujatane for the last term of 2013. I did a range of things at the school from painting classrooms, computer lessons with the teachers to a reading club with the little ones. Although I started at Tujatane with the intention of giving back and using my knowledge to help and teach, I left having learnt more than I could ever teach.

Tujatane is such a dynamic and loving school where learning surpasses the general academic curriculum. The children are taught ethics and morals and the importance of a good education.

Tujatane holds true to the meaning of its name, "We all hold hands together". While at Tujatane I discovered that it was not just a school but a family, a community who looked out for one another and wanted the best for everyone.
I have no doubt that Tujatane will provide Zambia with ambitious and determined young adults who are proud of their heritage and will make a sustainable difference to Zambia.

Under the leadership of Melanie Webb, Sydney Himwitta and Vanessa Parker Tujatane is only going to grow and develop into an even better school making an enormous difference in the lives of so many people. Thank you all for welcoming me into the Tujatane family, it was an absolute privilege to be a part of something so incredible.

School Veggie Garden Update!
Richard and his team of children and parents were very busy this term in our new veggie garden. Tongabezi has kindly let us use a part of their veggie garden which has a huge fence around it to prevent monkeys, hippo and elephant from helping themselves to the children's home grown lunch! The children could not believe how successful their efforts were. With lots of care, weeding, watering we had some great harvests. Well done to Richard and his team. Next term they are going to try to grow other vegetables and maybe some watermelon.

Soul In The Chapel - London April 11th
We recently sent out a notice to all our supporters advertising a fantastic event happening in London on April 11th called Soul In The Chapel. The London Youth Gospel Choir (Director Naveen Arles) and the New Young Voice Collective (Director Jane Wheeler) will be performing and half of ticket sales purchased through Jessop Price in the UK will go to the school! Apologies for the incorrect date on the first send out! It is definitely on Friday April 11th and the initial venue has also been changed as it is now at St. Clement Danes, on the Strand, London.

St Clement Danes is a Sir Christopher Wren Church, gutted in the war and rebuilt in 1958. It is known as the RAF Church and is one of two Churches that believe it is the subject of the nursery rhyme 'Oranges and Lemons'.

There are still lots of tickets left so please check your diaries and contact Jessop at jessopprice@hotmail.co.uk

New Students Needing Sponsorship
In January 2014 we will have 25 new little Pre School pupils starting at the school! This will take our total number of children to over 240. Pictured here are Gladys and Anxious on enrollment day, already with their uniforms on! All the children are very excited to get started at school! If you would like to know more about sponsorship or may know someone who would like to help these children complete their education, please contact Vanessa at vanessa@tongabezi.com

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