Term 3 2008 News
January 2009


Grade Two Tables and Chairs

By Ireen, Grade 2 teacher

For the past two terms the grade 2 class has been using kitchen benches to sit on during lessons. The benches are so uncomfortable to sit on and too big for them that they normally stand when writing.

Luckily, this term Catherine and Brian Tweedie have donated money for tables and chairs to be made for the Grade 2 class. The children were so excited, they always passed through the place where the tables and chairs are being made to check whether the man making them has finished. We are happy to report that the new benches are now in our classroom and they are very comfortable. Thank you so much Catherine and Brian!

Health Day at Tongabezi Trust School

By Ireen, Grade 2 teacher

On 25th September, Tongabezi Trust School organised a health day for the children. This day was dedicated to the children for them to have a medical check up.
Each class from pre-school to grade 6 was given time to see the doctors and nurses to be examined. Children were so excited to see the doctors and nurses because this was this first time to have such an occasion.
After the check-ups some children were found with Malaria and Bilharzia, they were put on treatments. The children were also given deworming tablets.
The programme was a success, all the children were checked and given required treatment.
The parents were very happy that the school organised such an important occasion for their children because they do not have a clinic or hospital in their community.

By Everisto Chabalanda, Head boy, Grade 6

The health people came to our school. I think it was a good idea for us to be checked. They came here to check our bodies. They checked our teeth, they asked us what kind of urine do we pass through. They asked whether urine was yellow or did we pass through urine with blood. They got our blood to check about malaria.
They were very kind to us.
They said if you donít want your blood to be taken they said they donít want to force us, it was our choice.
I would like them to come again for them to be checking our health- because health is so important.
They took our blood and now we are waiting for the results.
That day was a very important day , all the children had enjoyed it but some were afraid to get tested. But it is good for you to know how your health is doing.

Uniforms donated to the school

by Mable and Iness
On 13th October the kids were privileged to receive uniforms , shoes , jerseys and clothes. Our big thank you goes to Cuddington School , Jennifer Schram de Jong for the donations and Honour for organising and making sure that we received the parcels. The uniforms were distributed to all the children in the school, and also the uniforms served a great deal of purpose as some parents canít afford to buy uniforms for their children. The children are very happy as most of them received 2 pairs each, and they are really looking very smart.

by Sophia , Grade 6
Thanks very much Jennifer and Cuddington Primary School for donating uniforms for our school. We were very impressed to receive the uniforms. The children looked very pretty. We wish you would come to visit our school and enjoy our performances. Thanks you very much!

by Maxwell, Grade 1
Thank you so much Cuddington School and Jennifer for the uniforms

by Hope, Grade 5
Thank you for the uniforms you sent for us we are very happy. We wear them

Art Scholarship

by Ireen and Jacquelyn

Having set up such a successful scholarship scheme in Music we decided that it was about time that we extend this type of programme to the Art club! With the help of funding from Jenifer Strachan, we have been able to organise for Agnes, (an artist from Livingstone) to come out to the school every Thursday. The class is made up of our 3 top artists in the school and our art club teacher as well as 3 pupils from the local primary school in Simonga (thanks to the Sloan's) and their art teacher.

"So far we have learnt the following topics; Line, Colour, Shape, Pattern, Space, Colour, Tone and Dimensions. The lessons are going very well, after working through a series of lessons on the elements of art and design we are able to use these new skills to produce exciting works of art!"

The art scholars will be working extra hard in the coming year as we are hoping that there will be an exhibition in town in the new year! More news coming soon....

Nicki's Visit

by Bond, ICT teacher
Tujtane was indeed very privileged to receive Nicki, the ICT teacher from Lingfield, their UK sister school. She came out to help set up a new computer system at the school, and to do training with the staff.
This was a two month training programme that took place from August to September. Staff covered a lot of things in various computer programmes, including, but not excluding using the internet as a teaching and learning tool. However, the training programme was sometimes disturbed by frequent power cuts during this period. Thanks for the power back-up system that was installed in the computer room in September, before Nicki went back to England.This arrangement makes it possible for the computers to continue operating for up to six hours when the main power supply is off.
At the beginning of term three, Nicki and Bond, the ICT teacher at Tujtane started conducting lessons with pupils , starting from Reception to Grade 6.
Nickiís visit to Zambia was generously funded by a couple from the United Kingdom who donated the laptops being used in the computer room.

by Monica, Grade 5
Nicki came here and taught us computers. We were very happy to see her. We loved her and she loved us too.

Performing Arts 2008

by Sydney, Performing Arts teacher
Being district and provincial champions makes us proud as a school. We out classed all the basic schools in Livingstone. We represented Livingstone district at the provincial festival which was held in Mazabuka and managed to scoop position one in traditional dance and second in poetry. We furthermore represented the province at a national festival which was held in Livingstone, with full support both from the Director and member of staff, the pupils did a splendid performance. We came out third in traditional dance out of the whole country. We hope to defend our district and provincial trophies. Our aim is to maintain the high standard in performing arts as it is the pride of the school.
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