Tujatane Tales
Term 2
May - August 2007



By Misheck Grade 7The Tujatane poets were invited to perform at an HIV/AIDS concert at the Sun Hotel in Livingstone on 16th June. The poem on HIV/AIDS was written by Mr Himwiita, our Grade 4 teacher and performed by our five top drama students— Misheck Sinjela, Pride Nawa, Matthews Chigaga, Kabeza Cheepa and Everisto Chabalanda. The benefit concert was organised by the US Aid in conjunction with the Dr Kenneth Kaunda Foundation. Music, dance and poetry characterised the colourful event as the performers expressed themselves in their various talents. It was an occasion not to forget, as our young pupils were given the rare opportunity to recite their HIV/aids poem on the podium just after the first Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda and the American Ambassador’s speeches . Top bands from Lusaka had also been invited, and continued the evening with great music.

National Arts And Theatres Association of Zambia

Our five poets competed locally in the Nataaz festival against all Livingstone schools where they performed their HIV/AIDS poem and our dancing group competed in the traditional dances. Our poets won this local round and our dancers came third. Next the poets competed in the Provincial competition which was held in Pemba about 270km from Livingstone. The children went by bus to Pemba on 29th June together with three teachers. They succeeded once again in winning, and Misheck was awarded best poet in Southern Province.

One of the children writes: In the mosi-o-tunya park the tyre had a puncture so we stopped.. In the park we saw some monkeys, even when we were coming back we saw some. The road from the way bridge to Zimba had a lot of pot holes and I didn’t enjoy the way.

Mr Himwiita writes; The Nataaz Festival was worthwhile for the children because it helped them expose their talents. The children learnt about how to discipline themselves on stage and stage mannerisms. It was exciting to have the best poet coming from our school. This has encouraged competition amongst the other poets at Tujatane. We really appreciate all our sponsors for allowing this opportunity for our children.

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World Food Programme Global Walk

On 13th May our school took part in the fight against hunger global walk for W.F.P. W.F. P provides our school together with other rural schools catering for underprivileged children a breakfast of bulgar wheat and split peas through the Zambian open schools community (ZOCs) and also supports 46 families who are supporting orphans who are given take home rations.

HIV/aids session with SHARE (support to the HIV/AIDS response in Zambia)

Share organised a group to visit on June 14th for the Tujatane staff and the local community. This session was so informative that out of 34 participants, 19 chose to undergo VCT (voluntary counselling and testing). Thanks very much to Rose Lungu and her team for their excellent approach. We are already looking forward to their next visit.


By Innocent Grade 4 aged 11yrsJackline the grade two assistant writes; ‘On 4th June the Grade 2 class toured the Victoria Falls. When we reached there, we were given a guide who showed us around and explained to the children that the falls were first reported to the world by Dr David Livingstone and he named it after his queen, Victoria the queen of England. Our town was named after David Livingstone. Another thing which made our tour interesting were the monkeys. They grabbed the bag which had the camera in. It was Nasson aged 10 years who had the courage to chase the monkeys and retrieve the bag with the camera! An exciting adventure for Grade 2!’ l

By Monica aged 9 years



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Story telling—by Sophia aged 12

Animal and plant life—pictures

Crocodile by Charles Makwaza 12 yrs

Rabbit (Kalulu) by Joseph Musobani aged 15 yrs

Museum trip for reception class

Mable, the reception assistant teacher writes about the trip…….’On 15th June our reception class had a trip to the Livingstone Museum . When we arrived at the museum we were directed to a lady who showed us around. It was very interesting because the children learnt how people lived long ago. They learnt about the tools used for hunting and skinning animals, and the food they used to eat, their shelters, clothes and the jobs that were done by the women and were able to compare what they learnt with how we live today. They also saw the motorbike which was used by our first president Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

World Anti– Drugs Day

By Cholwe, assistant Grade 7.
It was a wonderful Friday morning in June when Tujatane participated in the world anti-drugs day. The competition was held in Livingstone at the Catholic Youth Training Centre. There were six schools competing. Tujatane entered in poetry and singing.
The song performed was written and performed by two of our pupils—Matthews Chigaga and Kabeza Cheepa. The performances all had to talk about the dangers of drugs. I am so glad to report that our school came first in the singing—well done to Matthews and Kabeza. We received a trophy and a cash prize. This was so marvellous and encouraging to the whole school especially considering that we were the only primary school competing against the Livingstone secondary schools.


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Tongabezi Trust School


Staff room and science lab

The staff room and science lab are complete! We have not yet opened them, as they are being used to store materials whilst we build the three staff houses. Cement prices have rocketed from K32,000 to K60,000 (from US$8.50 to $16) per 50kg bag and it has also been very difficult to get hold of. So our science lab became a storeroom for cement and the staff room stored all the other materials—plumbing, electrics, wheel barrows, wood, windows,………………….... We are now busy building the three teachers houses.

3 Teachers Houses

We have been extremely lucky to have a fund given to us to enable us to build three teachers houses. One will be 3 bedroomed and the other two will have 2 bedrooms. It is a huge building project for us, and is taking place just outside the school grounds. This will mean that three of our teachers will live on site and will save the school transport problems getting the teachers to and from their homes in town—17km away. Having the teachers on site will also enable us to provide community classes in the future—hopefully computer classes for adults together with other training programmes. It will also enable the teachers to become more of the community and feel more a part of the school. They are all thrilled with this improvement and cannot wait for the finishing of the building project. We would like to thank the donors of this project for this very generous support. As part of this project we have had to pay for our own school transformer to make sure we have enough power at school and for the houses. This project is due to be completed by the end of this year and teachers are looking forward to moving in in January sometime. All the builders working on this project are Zambians and the Head Builder is Mr Phiri who was responsible for the building of Tongabezi Lodge.


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Tongabezi Trust School



Pen pals from USA visit

Click to enlarge.In July we had three groups of Americans visit through Explore, USA. Grandparents were travelling with their grandchildren and before they came we linked each grandchild to a child at our school and they exchanged letters. We involved children in our Grade 7, 5 and 4 classes, and our children were very excited to meet their pen pal and spend some time getting to know them. It was fun to watch the interaction between our kids and the American kids. They really made the most of their little time together and bonds were made. Our children did a performance at the amphitheatre and the visitors also performed. Miyanda Sitali from our Grade 5 class writes about the visit and explains how much she learned from her pen pal. We have also had general groups of Explore guests visit us and have put on various shows to entertain them in true Zambian style.



US SUPPORTERS can send their contributions through Cogitare Foundation, in New York. www.cogitarefoundation.org.  They are a tax exempt foundation which allows your total contribution to be sent through to Tujatane, avoiding any charges.

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