Tujatane Tales
Term 1
January - March 2006
Volume 10.13


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The start of 2006 was a new and exciting year for Tujatane Trust School, as not only were the pupils going back to school for learning but also the teachers!

After the hugely successful trip to the UK for the Tujatane teachers in November 2005, it was time for them to put into practice what they had learned. The teachers had been inspired by many innovative teaching methods and were eager to introduce these methods into the classroom. Our teachers meet on Friday afternoons to share new ideas and to discuss their successes in class. Read below about their new teaching methods.

Bond, our Grade 4 teacher writes, 'My teaching is more learner centred. I do not act as the knowledge giver, but guide the children through the process of learning. They have an active role in their learning. I use a variety of teaching styles, employing activities that are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. It is not only theory, but full of other fun activities - role play, drawing, modelling... The group work method of teaching I use now is helping slow learners learn from their peers.'

Gibson, our head teacher, writes, ‘Children are now guided to explore for themselves, and it is amazing to see how much knowledge they have in their daily lesson interaction. Children find out facts on their own and have become very interested in school. With continued used of our new teaching methods, I have no doubt that the good results the school has in the past shall be sustained, and the children will find learning fun.'

Lee, our Grade 1 teacher, says, 'The most important aspect of my trip's training was on the brain friendly learning which I saw in action and I am really making full use of it back here at Tujatane. The children can choose to work using their preferred learning style.'

"All the teachers who went to the UK have a different handwriting and they also got ideas in maths and also how to solve puzzles in English. (By Kabeza & picture.)

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The Tujatane students were thrilled to welcome Captain Jonathan Beckley and his family to their school. Captain Jonathan Beckley not only flew their teachers to England, but also very generously donated a laptop computer. The children were so excited to receive such an important and wonderful learning gift.

Following this, our children are very keen to visit Livingstone Airport to see the planes and learn about air travel. We are thrilled that we were able to set up a 'school outings fund' using a donation and so we hope to organise this visit soon. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact us.


In February, Elaine, Peter and Randy came to see the latest developments at Tujatane. They all sponsor and support the secondary school programme enabling our students to continue their education to secondary level. This is a fantastic opportunity for our kids and we cannot express our thanks enough!

Phinias Mweetwa writes: "We were very happy to see them at our lovely school. We presented a poem and a dance to them, they were very happy to see the way we dance."


After learning about our special visitors who came to our country, grade 4 decided to do a project inviting tourists to visit our district. Pupils drew and advertised the tourist attractions in short articles. All the children drew pictures of wild animals.


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Design a pattern through shapes, numbers or letters. Grade One had fun getting creative with crazy patterns cleverly forming repetitive letters. The girls proved to be particularly inventive. Illustrations from three up-and-coming artists: Vanessa, Anna & Antoinette above, below and decorating the border.

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When I grow up I want to be ...a teacher, a nurse, a chef, a driver...

The children in Grade 3 did a project on what they wanted to do when they grow up. Almost all the children decided they wanted to be a teacher or a nurse! There were just 2 exceptions, one girl wanted to be a chef like her father and one boy wanted to be a driver.


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New School Uniforms!

 Smart, blue, white and grey uniforms were donated by Cuddington and Haddenham schools. The uniforms were distributed to the most vulnerable children who cannot afford uniforms. Many thanks to both schools, and to Mrs Schram de Jong who organised this.

If you know of any schools with second-hand blue, white or grey uniforms they no longer need and would be willing to donate to Tujatane, please let us know!

Running for Tujatane

Tujatane would like to express their huge appreciation for the astounding amount raised and generously donated by Nigel Stubbley and his supporters. These funds are providing food for our lunch programme. Nigel's triathlon newsletter is attached - click here to read it! (Adobe PDF document.)



US SUPPORTERS can send their contributions through Cogitare Foundation, in New York. www.cogitarefoundation.org.  They are a tax exempt foundation which allows your total contribution to be sent through to Tujatane, avoiding any charges.

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Please note: Barclays Bank charges us $US30 to process each cheque we receive.  To avoid this and ensure that your entire donation benefits the children, please send any donations by bank transfer to the school account or direct to the UK school charity.  If you wish to make a contribution, please contact vanessa@tongabezi.com for details.  Many thanks for your help.

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