Tujatane Tales
Term 3
September - December 2005
Volume 9.3

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In November 2005 we were very fortunate to be able to send our head teacher and teaching team to the UK where they participated in an exchange programme involving several schools.  The trip was a huge success and we would like to sincerely thank the following people and organisations that made this trip possible.

British Airways, and Nilanthi Manatunga from the Lusaka office - for the flight sponsorship for the entire trip.  This was a fantastic donation and without it the trip would not have been possible.  For three of our teachers it was their first flying experience.

Ron Gandolfo (Head of Lingfield School) - for his energy, drive and vision.  Ron's commitment and superb organisational skills ensured the success of the trip.

Lingfield School, Surrey and all the parents and staff of Lingfield - a number of families kindly hosted our teachers and welcomed them into their homes, making them a part of the family.  The school staff assisted our teachers to learn and develop new skills and made them a part of their class team during their stay.  Sincere thanks from our teachers to all those who made their visit so special.

Saxon School, Audley School & St Mary's School - thanks for welcoming our team to your schools and sharing your knowledge and skills with our teachers.

British High Commission - Lusaka - who waived visa charges for our teachers.  Thanks to Fergus Cochrane-Dyet for this great help.


The following are a few words from the teachers about their experience:

Gibson Biemba, our Head Teacher says, "Teachers guide children rather than giving them knowledge, which resulted in the children begin able to discover solutions to various problems on their own."

Bond Lichaha, our Grade 4 teacher, says, "Science lessons were exciting and full of experiments.  Specialist teachers taught music which was really great fun for the children."

Lee Mudenda, our Grade 2 teacher, says, "My teaching skills have been upgraded to a much more advanced level.  We learnt a lot of the rich history of the British."

Iness Chulu, Preschool teacher, says, "I noticed a difference with the classroom display which was good.  The children sit on the carpet and are given an opportunity to decide what they want to do but by the end of the day every child would have had a go at everything."

All our teachers are keen to implement what they have learned in the UK and they have come back with renewed energy and ideas for Tujatane.  We are looking forward to an exciting year in 2006.

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Here at Tujatane we had some unexpected visitors! Some elephants joined our Tujatane team in December and proceeded to create a mess at the school with their antics of pulling up plants, pulling down trees and generally getting up to mischief.

The children were dismayed as they understand the importance of keeping the school clean and tidy at all times, as is our school message. Innocent from Grade 2 says, “They put dirt at school. They eat trees. I was not happy."

Helen Nawa also from Grade 2, even saw them at her home enjoying themselves. She writes, “I saw elephants eating tomatoes in my garden."



It is with sadness that we say goodbye to Violet Lichaha (now Chibawe). We wish her every success in her future and maybe we will be able to welcome her back someday. Violet has been the backbone of Tujatane for many years and has given love and care to all our children and has been a truly spectacular teacher.

Violet writes a few words: I came to Tongabezi Trust School in June 1998. I took up the job offer because I felt my services were needed more here than at the private school I was working for. I took up the reception class at Tujatane which I taught until they reached Grade 6 where Mr Gwenani took them for their last two years. They have just taken their National exams. I believe they shall do very well and I hope to see most of them have choices in life because of the good education opportunity that they have had. I had mixed feeling as I looked at them at their farewell come together. I wished they could stay but I wanted them to go on and face life. I wish them all well.

Next year, 2006, I shall be going for further studies away in Lusaka. I shall miss the school and hope to come back one day or the other. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who are contributing to educating the underprivileged children at Tongabezi Trust School. Every little thing that is donated goes a long way. May you have a full life in return.

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Ann Kelsey, a teacher from the USA< came to volunteer for a term at Tujatane. She was a wonderful addition to our school, with her warm, caring personality, together with her organisation and experience. We were so lucky to have had the three months with her, and just wish that she could join us forever. Ann began a special needs class together with Violet for the children who needed extra help. She also started a reading scheme, sorting the books into levels and marking them for the different grades. She went through all the children's work being sent out to sponsors and made sure the envelopes were correctly labelled; she joined our needlework club and showed the children the basics of sewing. Ann has been an inspiration to Tujatane, and everyone has grown to love her. She will be sorely missed by us all, and we hope to welcome her back very soon.

Ann wrote about her time with us:
At the conclusion of three months as a volunteer at Tujatane, I am filled with admiration for the dedication of the administration, teachers and staff at this thriving trust school. I have found the students to be motivated and eager to learn. They are happy, smiling, polite and respectful despite their disadvantaged circumstances. They seem to love spending time at school and often have to be reminded that it is time to go home!

Being a first-time volunteer in Africa, I was hopeful that I could give back a small portion of knowledge and experience I had gained after thirty plus years in education. Right from day one, I was warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of the school program; I found this to be especially gratifying and personally rewarding. I am grateful to have found such a fulfilling opportunity and setting in which to share something of myself with others.

I have been impressed on a daily basis by how carefully and deliberately the money from donations to Tujatane is handled. Every dollar, pound yen, euro that is received goes directly to improving the educational experience of each Tujatane student. All those who support the school can feel your gifts are well placed and wisely utilised.

My term at Tujatane has been a rare and unforgettable experience. My heart and my life will be forever touched because I was here.

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When Ann Kelsey came to Tujatane, her dentist in North Carolina, USA, sent along fifty toothbrushes and some toothpaste for our students. These were distributed to all the preschool, reception and 2nd Grade students and provided an ideal opportunity to present a short lesson on oral hygiene and proper tooth care. Ann explained to the children about how to care for their brushes, how to brush, when to brush, foods that build strong teeth and why tooth care is so important. They proved to be interested and attentive.


Tujatane would like to thank everyone who contributes and supports our school. We really appreciate all of the help we receive, no matter how big or small. You may know that as well as our sponsorship programme, we run funds for special projects, such as a food programme, building projects, medical fund, school outings fund (including our drama trips) and internet fund. Sometimes people choose to donate to one of these funds. Catherine Tweedie and her friends kindly donated towards our Nataaz trip (performing arts). This trip would not have been possible without their assistance. We are concerned that Catherine, together with others, have not previously been thanked in our newsletters and would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge their kindness and generosity. A BIG THANK YOU goes to all of you who help us in every way. Without you we would not be where we are today.



US supporters can send their contributions through Cogitare Foundation, in New York. www.cogitarefoundation.org.  They are a tax exempt foundation which allows your total contribution to be sent through to Tujatane, avoiding any charges.

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