Tujatane Tales
Term 2
April  -  July 2005
Volume 9.2

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Click to enlarge.On 7th April, some of the Grade 7 children were kindly invited to try some kayaking. This was sponsored and organised by Sven who runs 'Kayak the Zambezi', a kayaking company in Livingstone. The children had a fantastic time - read below. Ruth writes: 'It was a very nice day when we went to town for swimming at 8:00 hrs. We went with Mr Banda's bus. We were all excited because some of us it was the first time to swim in a swimming pool and the first time kayaking. It was very interesting. I know it interested everyone who went there. I enjoyed swimming very much coz I like swimming. I used to tell Click to enlarge.my friends that the day I will go swimming I will be happy. The first one to start was the boys followed by us girls. We all start kayaking we wear helmet and life jacket then we started swimming after that it was free time. You could do what you want swimming or kayaking.'
Belinda writes: ' The first ones to start were boys. It was nice watching them playing in the pool and then girls went in. We enjoyed ourselves swimming and they taught us to paddle ourselves. I was excited to learn how to paddle.'
Chuma writes: 'After we swam they gave us some drinks. When we finished drinking they said I am just giving you five minutes for swimming. After that we came home and we were very tired and it was very fun.'

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Nataaz Competition 2005

Once again our poetry group entered the Nataaz (National Theatre Arts Association of Zambia) competition, competing against schools first locally, then provincially and then nationally. The first round was in Livingstone, where we defended our title and went through to the provincial competition. This was held in Choma, a two hour bus journey. Our children once again defended their last year's title and won. The final competition, the national competition was held in Mongu. Yet another mammoth trip (a two day journey), and one needing substantial funding. The poetry group took undertook some fundraising locally and, thanks to also to the Stewarts who left a donation to cover our excess costs, which enabled us to participate again this year. Unfortunately some of the children were unwell and on malaria treatment, but they made a valiant effort and scooped second position. Well done poetry group!
At the provincial level Naomi Sheleni was given a prize as the Best Performing Poetess. Naomi (aged 12) writes about our trip:
'The poetic group went to Mongu to present their poem. We were very happy. We went with Mazhandu family bus, we reached the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka, faster but moving from Lusaka to Mongu we were late. But it was a good journey to us. On the way to Mongu we saw different types of animals and these were: impalas, kudus, elephant, warthogs and guinea fowls etc. When we reached there we went to sleep at the guest house. At the morning we drank tea. Then we went to the school we were going to perform and this school is Kambule High School. We found many friends and my best friends were Mary, Purity, Natasha, Belinda and Besy. In the morning we went to the hall to perform and we did well but we didn't come out the National champions we came out number two and we were given a trophy and there it is at Tujatane in our library and that's how it goes. It was a good journey.'

Mariska and Erwin Visited

Mariska and Erwin came to volunteer for a couple of weeks in July at Tujatane, and they sent us many boxes of school supplies. They were both full of energy and enthusiasm which was wonderful and rubbed off on our children, as Chigaga (aged 15) writes: 'Mariska and Erwin they were very good visitors, they even sended things to Tujatane. They teached us hand writing and they have been at Tujatane for a long time, about two weeks just helping teaching us. When these people were gone all the pupils were not happy. Tujatane likes visitors. Tujatane means holding hands together that's whey many people like it. And we would like to thank Mrs Parker who brings visitors to this school.' Thank you very much to Mariska and Erwin, and we hope to welcome you back soon.

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A Poem by Sarah Meleki

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Tongabezi Trust School

Snakes at Tujatane

Click to enlarge.Tujatane invited Paul, the snake man, to teach us the children about local snakes. He came with bags of snakes to give a talk to our children. We had organised a small circle for him to stand in with his snakes. The children gathered around - some keeping their distance as some extremely dangerous snakes emerged from the bags. They were very beautiful and we learned that most snakeClick to enlarge.s won't harm you unless you provoke them - even the dangerous ones. It was a very interesting and important event. Parents were also present. Stenwell (aged 15 yrs) says: 'It was a very good day when we were watching snakes at the playground. There were many types of snakes. There was a mamba, puff adder, and many more. Then he showed us a friendly snake and the people touched it. It was very small.



Football Pitch Ready
Thanks to James Hill who helped to fund the removal of the last huge boulders from our sports ground in time for his visit with Matthew, his nephew. Matthew played football on the pitch with our Tujatane team.

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