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Tujatane Tales

As most of you know, Tujatane relies completely on charitable donations to met all running costs and expand our facilities so we can improve educational standards.  We are keen to encourage Sponsors to commit to regular monthly donations as this gives us the confidence of a secure and regular income.
We are delighted to report that we have recently registered a new Charity with the Charity Commissioners of England and Wales called "The Charitable Trust for the Tongabezi Trust School.".  This Charity's sole aim is to raise funds to support our school and, with the Charity having no overheads, all funds raised go directly to enabling the School to provide an excellent education for the children of Tujatane.
All our financial support can now be directed through this Charity and, if you are a UK tax payer, the Charity will enhance your donation by claiming a further amount form the Inland Revenue (at present 28p for each Pound Sterling of your contribution).  This is excellent news (thank you Gordon Brown).
All help, however modest, is greatly appreciated by our school.  If you are interested in supporting us, please e-mail the Charity Treasurer, Jessop Price on: ajessopprice@btopenworld.com who will be very pleased to send you a Banker's Order Form and a Gift Aid Declaration From for you to complete and return at your convenience. 

This last term was a very busy one for our Grade 7 pupils as they were preparing for their National exams - the first National exams for Tujatane!  They sat for the exams from 4th - 7th of November.  These important exams will determine whether the children are able to continue their education onto secondary level. We will miss our pupils who formed the very first class at Tujatane in 1996 - a great group of chess players and dramatists!  We wish them every success with their results and their future.
We would like to thank you all for your tremendous help and support, which has enabled these children to obtain a good primary education. 


A programme to sponsor our Grade 7 pupils for their secondary education has been set up and initiated by Elaine & Peter Cooper, from the Cogitare Foundation in America.  Each child from Grade 7 has been successfully sponsored and offered the chance to further their education - a vital and valuable gift for the future of Zambia. 
The pupils have applied to a number of different secondary schools within the area, according to their academic ability.  We now just have to wait and see the success of their results!  Elaine was here to witness the exams, and on completion she treated the whole class to a great lunch at Tongabezi to celebrate.  Thank you Elaine and Peter.

Another special day in term three happened to be when Gary Boulton, a Tongabezi guest, donated a cricket kit to the school.  Not only did he donate the kit, but he also donated his time to teach the teachers and the children how to play the sport.  He was ably assisted by his tow young sons. 
The Tujatane children loved the game which they had previously only ever seen on TV.  They had great fun playing this new game - there were lots of cheers ands shouts! 
"Yesterday, we played a fun game.  This game is called cricket.  Cricket is very nice, it is played with two teams with eleven players.  Cricket is played with bats, ball and wickets on the ground.  We have fielders, bats, bowlers and wicket keeper.  If the fielder catches the ball, then that means you are out.  If you hit the ball with bat, you have to run round the wicket."

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Tujatane celebrates Zambia's 39 years of Independence.

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"On Thursday, 2nd October 2003, we went to do quiz at Parins (the top private primary school in Livingstone town).  We went with a Tongabezi car.  When we reached there some of our friends went to buy food at Shoprite.

When they came back we ate the food.  After eating we went to a pool where there were fish.  After that we went to sit where we were told to sit for the quiz.  We said our names and we were given pencils and plain papers for working.  They gave us a box to choose some questions.  They started asking questions.  Parins beat us in Mathematics an English and we beat them in Social Studies and Science.  All the mars were added and Parins won by 6 points.  But we tried our best.  Then we went home."
(By Miranda, Grade Seven, 13 years old)

"On Wednesday, 22nd October 2003, Parins pupils came to our school.  We were already prepared by the time they came. Showed them where to sit.  Mr Lichaha was the one reading the questions, the time keeper was a teacher fro Parins and the one recording was Mrs Pelekelo.
The subjects were Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies.  Parins did well in Mathematics and Science, Tujatane did well in English and Social Studies.
Nevertheless, Parins won.  Before they went back to town we gave them some drinks and biscuits to eat."
(by Tamenji Grade Seven, 13 years old)

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"On Tuesday, 30th September 2003, we went to Hillcrest Technical Secondary School in Livingstone town for a chess tournament. we went with eight chess boards and pieces.  WE went fourteen of us with Mr Gwenani and Mrs Parker.  When we reached at Hillcrest we dropped and stood outside Mrs Parkers car.  Then one of the students at Hillcrest came and said "follow me to the room where we will play chess", then we followed him.  When we reached to the room we were going, we found chairs were not arranged with tables.  Then we helped to arrange, when we finished arranging tables and chairs, we put chess boards and pieces on them and started playing.  All Tujatane girls won."
(by Eneless Moyo)
(Hillcrest is the best upper secondary school in the Livingstone District.)

The spirit of Christmas was in the air once again.  We cannot forget to THANK Tongabezi for its generosity.  They have made it a tradition to treat the children to a party every year around Christmas.

"On Christmas Day I had a lot to eat.  I had drinks, chicken, sausage and many more food.  I enjoyed myself and my friends.  I danced, I sang and I played.  I was so happy that it was Christmas Day.  All of us were happy." 
(by Mischeck, 10 years old)

Early in the month of October 2003, Tujatane School received boxes of computers from a school in England. Six computers and two printers are now in the process of being set up.  Once they are up and running we shall open our commuter lab to the pupils and later to the surrounding community.  Many thank to Lingfield School for the wonderful donation. 

On the afternoon of 8th October 2003, Alex Singer from America arrived, employed to work at our school.  His role was to manage the daily running of the school, to train and to upgrade standards.  The school assembled to welcome Ale into the school and a show from the children was put up.  He sang a fun song for the children as well. 





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