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Tujatane Tales

Sports Day

On the 4th of July 2003, the school held its annual sports day.  The event was competed among three houses: Red House, Blue House and Yellow House.  Prester (Deputy Head) led the Red House team with his assistant Theresa.  Blue House was led by the Grade One teacher, Lee  with his assistant Mable and Yellow House was led by the Grade Three teacher, Bond and his assistant Chipo.

The day commenced with a speech from the guest of honour, the Head Teacher of a nearby government primary school. These sports took place on the Tongabezi tennis court - a colourful sight with the red, blue and yellow bandannas.  Teachers too joined in the colourful parade.

It was indeed a great and challenging day, full of fun, excitement and of course the satisfaction of watching competitive races, everyone performing to the best of their ability. We hope some of our pupils will represent Zambia in the future at the Olympics!

The day was filled with numerous activities, including track and field events.  Even the parents participated: a football game for the mothers and high jump for the fathers.  To celebrate the end of the day, teachers and parents joined in a traditional limbo dance.  The results of the day were announced after a great picnic.  Blue House emerged as the winner and prizes were awarded to all deserving competitors. 

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Livingstone Hospital kindly organised for three nurses and four helpers to come to our school.  The children were all given Vitamin A and worming tablets.  Girls over 11 years were given a Tetanus injection.  All the parents were very happy to have medication provided for their children. 

We welcomed Drea, an American teacher, who kindly spent a few days of her holiday in Zambia helping us at our school.  One art lesson, Drea showed the children how to make dream boxes.  Each child made their own box from card and then painted and decorated their box colourfully.  Drea asked the
children to close their eyes whilst she went around and filled each box with sweets.  You can imagine their excitement when they opened their eyes!  Thank you Drea for your fun ideas and your great help.  We hope Drea will come back to visit us again. 


Smart new tables and chairs were delivered by truck for two of our classrooms.  When the furniture arrived the children were in the playground for their sports.  Imagine their delighted faces when they returned to their classroom to find brand new tables and chairs.  What a surprise!  They promised to look after them very well.

"We were very happy when we were on the new tables and chairs.  Now we will take care of these things we must not write on these things because they will be also old.  Our sisters and brothers will e using them, when they grow up. 
We that you for our new tables!"

(By Mesheck Sinjela, 10 years old)


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